Organizing The Classroom: 10 Little Tips To Make A Big Difference

Little Tips to Make a Big Difference

Sometimes the simplest ideas can make a huge impact on the classroom. Here are 10 easy-to-do ideas to make organizing the classroom easier. An organized classroom makes life a lot better for the teacher, and the kids will likely learn more. Those are two big payoffs!

Little Tip # 1. Word of the Day

Here’s a unique way to reinforce sight word vocabulary. Make and laminate a hand print to hang by the door. Make and laminate word cards. Each day put a new word up to be “Word of the Day.” When the kids line up to go anywhere, (lunch, PE, etc) they “high five” the word as they say it aloud on the way out the door. This technique reinforces learning the words in a multi-sensory fashion. The best way to learn!

Little Tip # 2. Sight Words Graphic Organizer


Sight words everywhere! Kids can really benefit with graphic organizers. This one helps them to review the words they have mastered each quarter. Type the words out on a cut-and-paste worksheet. Each student will have their own  sight words graphic organizer.

Little Tip # 3. Early Finishers


Idle hands are a little devil’s workshop. Keep your little angels busy every minute with a hanging clear pocket chart full of ideas for what to do when they are finished early. Store materials needed for the activities behind the idea cards.

Little Tip # 4. Where are the Kids?


See at a glance who is where. Hang a magnetic board with names on magnetic strips above some clever looking hall passes. The kids will love using it, and you will know just who went to the nurse, library, etc. at all times.

Little Tip # 5. School-to-Home Binder


End the confusion for little ones and their parents as well about what stays at home at what comes back with this really simple home-to-school binder.016

Little Tip # 6. Easy Classroom Jobs Chart

End the arguing over who’s day it is to do what job with this idea. Using crayon shapes (or any shape), put names on each one. Laminate for durability. A larger crayon lists each job. Have one set of names for each job. Use metal book rings to hold the names. These are attached to the white board with clipboard clips, something we’ve decided on after testing dry erase wall paint and finding better results with this. Simply flip to the next name each day for each job.

Little Tip # 7. File Folders in a Hanging Pocket Chart


Teachers instinctively use lots and lots of those manila file folders. Eliminate looking through stacks and stacks of them on your desk with a large hanging pocket chart. Saves time AND frees up desk space.


Little Tip # 8. Extra Worksheets, too!

760Nothing looks worse than piles and piles of extra worksheets stacked everywhere. Keep them neat, organized and easier for the kids to access with a hanging pocket chart.

 Little Tip # 9. Clear Plastic Storage Bags


Invest your classroom supplies money wisely by purchasing some plastic book pouches. They have lots of uses from storing little paperback readers to game materials and more.

Little Tip # 10. Stress-Buster Private Corner


Researchers claim that looking at a photo of our loved ones can lower stress. Have yourself a little bit of home in a private corner of the classroom to display photos and mementos. A corner of a bookcase and the side of a file cabinet is all you need to help melt stress away.

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