President’s Day Ideas For Kids: Washington and Lincoln Cupcakes

President’s Day Activities for Kids

President’s Day is a great time to impart some knowledge and appreciation of history and our founding fathers. Youngest to oldest can participate in activities that help them become aware of our greatest presidents.

Each February, we honor not only George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who were born in that month but all the other US presidents as well. Kindergartners make projects like Washington’s three-cornered hat and Lincoln’s “stove pipe” hat. Older kids do wonderful Powerpoint presentations of a chosen president.

President’s Day Cupcake Idea

Kids of all ages will love making and eating cupcakes that look like George and Abe. Caramel icing mixed with white (and a little red for Washington’s ruddy skin tone) are the frosting used. Dabs of blue and red, a white cake gem nose and edible googly eyes are used for the faces. Lincoln’s beard is chocolate chips and Washington’s white wig is mini marshmallows. Lincoln’s hat is formed from a snack-size Hersey bar. Washington has a high collar of white icing with a chocolate chip button.

We tossed in some white-frosted cupcakes with red and blue sprinkles to make our display a little more patriotic. Hail to the Chief!

Use President’s Day cupcakes as a part of this President’s Day Thematic Unit ideas

Ingredients for President’s Day Cupcakes

  • One box White or Yellow cupcake mix, Or use your favorite cake recipe
  • One container Duncan Hines Frosting Creations frosting starter
  • One package Frosting Starter caramel flavor powder, this comes in a small, separate envelope
  • Food color, red, blue
  • Snack size Hersey bars, not miniatures
  • Cake gems, small, white
  • Candy googly eyes
  • Chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows, white
  • Decorator icing, white

George’s wig is fashioned from white mini marshmallows

George’s high, white color is piped on with white icing. Add a chocolate chip “button.”

Add white icing “eyebrows” with a toothpick.

Abe’s stovepipe hat is made from a Hershey bar.

His beard is formed from chocolate chips.

Both of the famous US president’s eyes are edible google eyes. Pipe on a little icing for eyes and mouth.

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