Saint Patrick’s Day Unit Ideas

spring 9
Shamrock paper weaving in the creation station.


Saint Patrick’ s Day is celebrated all over the world by many different religious and ethnic groups. They even have a huge parade in Tokyo. Because it comes in March and is so associated with the color green, most consider it to be the first spring holiday, although it is technically late, late winter.

Kids can learn a lot of interesting information about Saint Patrick and the history of this holiday with the following books read to them.

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie DePaola

The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day by Patrica A. Pingry

Saint Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons


Writing Learning Station

After making a list of words associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, place the chart in the writing center for students to make sentences with. Older or more advanced students could use them to write a story. List words such as shamrock, leprechaun, rainbow, Irish, etc.

Rainbow Math Station

Use fruit loops with the colors of the rainbow as math manipulatives.  They can be counters, used for sorting, patterning and much more!

spring 2

 Literacy Station

For the youngest students, put the list of words associated with Saint Patrick’s Day in the literacy station on word cards. Students can trace or copy them, or use magnetic letters and board to make the words.

Creation Station

Kids like to do paper weaving. Have directions and materials to make a woven shamrock. This may need to be at a teacher or assistant’s supervised station for younger students. 

Have materials and a sample for making a torn paper rainbow collage. Glue on white or blue paper and add cotton balls for clouds. Students can use them in the Writing Station to write stories about leprechauns and rainbows.

spring 1


Math Station


Have precut pots,  strips colored paper, and white cupcake holders for kids to make the pots of gold. The cloud is a white cupcake holder. Students glue on paper coins to make the amount of money written on the back of the pots.


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Books For Learning About Saint Patrick’s Day

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