Food Crafts For Kids: Winter Treats To Make And Eat

Winter Food Crafts for Kids to Make

January doesn’t have to be a boring month. Winter snack food crafts can quickly chase away the post-holiday blues. Make these cool snacks with kids on those cold winter days.

These  snacks are fun for kids to make and healthy to eat. Make these winter food crafts at home, daycare or school. What a good break for home-schooled kids to make and eat winter food craft snacks!

There are some ways to weave a little learning into these cute kid’s food for winter. We’ll talk about the ways as we go.

Banana Raisin Bears

Banana Raisin Bears

Banana raisin bears are made with toasted slices of wheat or raisin bread. The kids can spread the slices with peanut butter or Nutella. Banana slices are ears sprinkled lightly with cinnamon. Raisins are eyes. Place a raisin on top of a third banana slice. This is the bear’s muzzle. Give him a row of juicy raisins to finish his face.

Learning Connection:

Bears hibernate in winter, sort of. Black bears really just doze on and off during the winter months. They are not very active and don’t require a lot of food. Use this snack while learning how some animal behaviors change in winter. Include humans!

A Book to Share: 

Read Sleep, Big Bear Sleep by Maureen Wright


Veggie Snowman Snack


Veggie snowman is made of crackers spread with cream cheese.

Make veggie snowmen with different sizes or shapes of snack crackers and cream cheese spread. Spread the crackers with ‘snow’ and decorate the veggie snowman. He has earmuffs made of a green pepper strip and tiny broccoli florets. Cut a thin sliver of carrot for the nose. The rest, coal buttons, and face, are little pieces of chopped, ripe black olives. Use sliced pimentos for the veggie snowman’s scarf. This is a fun way to get a picky eater to down some veggies.

Learning Connection:

Sequencing and following directions are skills that making veggie snowmen can help teach. Talk about the different steps in creating this healthy snack. List them on a big piece of chart paper.

Kids can snack on veggie snowmen and enjoy some really cool snowman stories for read-aloud time.

A Book to Share:

Read The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

Feed the Snowbirds Treats

Treats for the Snowbirds are seeds and raisins on a cream cheese snow-covered ground.

This winter food craft for kids is made by spreading  cream cheese on a whole graham cracker. The graham cracker represents the ground and the cream cheese is the snow. Feed the birds and sprinkle a handful of shelled sunflower kernels and raisins across the snowy ground.

Learning Connection:

Animals make adaptions to the different seasons. Some species of birds migrate south to escape snow that covers their food supply. Sometimes surprise snows may make it hard for these birds to eat. Teach the kids to help out our feathered friends in winter. They will really relate with this winter snack craft that represents a snow-covered ground with handfuls of food that birds ( and kids) love.

A Book to Share:

Read Animals in Winter by Berta Hader

Snow Buddies

Yogurt and fruit snow buddy snack.

This healthy snow buddy is a scoop of frozen vanilla yogurt. He has a strawberry winter hat, a cherry nose, and a strawberry slice smile. His eyes are blueberry bright.

Learning Connection:

Have the kids name their snow buddy.They can write a story about a snow day and playing with this pal.

The youngest students can dictate the story to the teacher and “read” it back. This is the language experience strategy for teaching reading.

Older kids can use inventive spelling to write their snow buddy stories.

A Book to Share:

Read  A Snowy Day, a classic story about a boy on a snowy day. Written by Ezra Jack Keats



Melting Snowmen

Kids will love watching Frosty melt atop their hot cocoa

Spear two marshmallow on a toothpick. Use decorator icing to add features. Keep a supply of these for kids to top hot cocoa with. They will love watching Frosty melt.

Learning Connection:

Make these for the kids to have at snack time with some hot cocoa after a science lesson about the weather or the three states of matter. Ask them what causes the marshmallow snowman to melt. Then ask what causes real snow to melt.

A Book to Share:

Read Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner

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