How To Make A Santa Pizza

              Pizza That Looks Like Santa 

Who can resist having a slice of Santa’s bright, cheery face. Especially when it’s a pizza. And a fairly healthy one at that. Use two pizza crusts, tomato sauce, any spices you’d like, two cherry tomatoes, two spinach leaves, Canadian bacon, mini pepperonis, black olives and low-fat mozzarella cheese. Put it together like this:

Begin with two pizza crusts. You can make your own or buy it ready-made like I did. 


Use a pizza cutter of serrated knife to cut a Santa hat shape from one crust. 


Spread plenty of tomato sauce on the hat.
20141213_155258Santa’s face is a slice of Canadian bacon with black olive eyes, a cherry tomato nose and mini-pepperoni cheeks. 


Spread the tomato sauce and then personalize your pizza with chopped any toppings. I used the ingredients from the Santa face pizza chopped for mine. 


Bake the pizza as you normally would, only adding the mozzarella about the last 5 minutes or so. 
20141213_164037Now enjoy a slice of a pizza that looks like Santa! 

20141213_165411 (1)


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