How To Make Freezer Jam: Easy No-Cook Jam

 Homemade Jam the Easy Way?

As the summer fruits and berries are ripening, I am remembering all the wonderful jams and jellies my mother use to make. The process had multiple steps and involved a bit of equipment.Wild blackberries, strawberries, plums, peaches, and blueberries were picked and washed.

The fruit was prepared and placed in big pots along with sugar, butter, and lemon juice. It was carefully cooked on the stove.Then there were jars that had to be sterilized and seals to boil. After the fruit mixture cooked and cooled it was ladled into the jars. The jars were placed on a rack in a water bath cannery or large stock pot to cook.

They were removed to cool off and a thin layer of paraffin was added to the top. Finally, the lids were checked to make sure they had “popped” or sealed.I am thinking that although the jams were delicious, it was a cumbersome process that required a good bit of equipment.

I am hoping to discover other ways to make delicious jam. I find a recipe for blueberry jam that is easy and makes delicious jam. You cook the berries just until they burst and add sugar and lemon jello.I look for still easier ways to make jam and discover a no-cook freezer jam method.  It seems ridiculously simple. Can I make homemade jam this easily? I’m skeptical but I give it a try.

Easy Homemade Freezer Jam

I pick fruit that is a mixture of very ripe and not quite as ripe. The less ripe fruit contains a natural substance called pectin. Pectin is a naturally-occurring thickening agent in fruit. Oranges and apples have the most pectin. The very ripe fruit has more natural sugar for flavor.

jam 4

I mash sliced fruit with a fork to make a soft puree. 



For every 2 cups of berries, I add two cups of sugar. I let it sit for 10 minutes stirring occasionally, helping the fruit’s sugars to break down. 

jam 2

For every cup of berries, I add a 1.75 oz. package of powdered pectin.  I add 2 TBS of lemon juice. I stir continuously for 3 minutes. 

jam 3

I ladle my jam into clean jars and tightly lid them. I can now have homemade jam for up to 3 weeks, or I can freeze it for a year. 

It worked.

Is it as good as Mother’s homemade jams and jellies? No, but it’s a close second and much much easier. 



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