DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas: Cheap-o-Chic Inexpensive Packages

Cheap-o-Chic Christmas Wrap

The shopping is done; time to wrap all those gifts you have lovingly selected. A pretty package under the tree adds so much glamor to the holiday. However, fancy gift wrapping can get costly. If you have spent a little more than you wish on gifts, these ideas for Christmas gift wrapping will let you afford to still have jaw-dropping packages under the tree to pass out on Christmas morning. These packages will be a part of the Holiday decor up until the time they are opened! I call this gift wrapping technique “cheap-o-chic.” Save money and time while still having packages under your tree that are stunning.

Use plain wrapping paper and purchase the embellishment at stores that specialize in everything-is-a-dollar merchandise. Then all you need is a hot glue gun and you are ready for fun.

There will be some variance from store to store, but all of the items I have used here are fairly generic. Or use some creativity and incorporate what you find. Do remember to keep your wrap plain for proper contrast.

#1 Fiber Optic Gift Bag. Use a shiny white gift bag. Hot glue red, white and gold floral silk-like poinsettias, bottom front. Display fiber optic strands in midst of the poinsettias. Fiber optic strands are usually available at party supply stores.

#1. Fiber Optic Gift Bag


#2. Brown Paper Holly and Jingle Bells. Wrap package with brown butcher or postal paper. Secure with gold cord. Hot glue on a holly sprig with jingle bells. The spun glass angel ornament attached is a little added gift!

# 2. Brown Paper Holly and Jingle Bells

hollybox_cloeup   #3. Simply Poinsettia  Brown paper, gold cord and red poinsettia. So easy!

#3. Simply Poinsettia

brownbox_together3   #4. Gold Berry Poinsettia Gift Bag. Use shiny white gift bag. Hot glue red poinsettia to front. Hot glue gold berry spray. Red tissue inside is a nice finishing touch.

#4. Gold Berry Poinsettia 

poinsettia&gold berry bag       #5. Red Satin with a Hint of “Natural”. Use red satin sheen wrap with small contrasting poinsettias and a spray of gold berries. The fake willow branches and tiny pine cones give this package a hint of a natural look. Snowflake designs are shiny stick-ons.

# 5. Red Satin With a Hint of “Natural”

redbox_berryspray2   #6. Rudolph”s LED Nose So Bright. Rudolph is a pre-cut craft foam character. But if you can’t find this guy he’s pretty easy to cut from craft foam available in any craft section of department stores. Wire up a bulb to an LED battery pack tucked up and taped inside the bag.

#6. Rudolph’s LED Nose So Bright

lighted_rudolph_2    #7. Icy Berries and a White Poinsettia. Use shiny white wrapping paper. Hot glue on a white poinsettia and a spray red berries. of clear “icy” berries.

#7. Icy Berries and a White Poinsettia


Get Creative With Your Christmas Wrap This Year!

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