Flower Arranging Ideas For Tulips

How to use a Potted Tulip in a Floral Arrangement

Ahh…Spring! All our favorite perennials in the garden are blooming again! Standing like Sentries tall and straight, the tulips stand guard. Their regal helmets of polished petals are in a host of colors. It is hard to pluck a tulip from its post. The colorful little Sentry would surely be missed from guarding our flower gardens, walkways and borders.


Tulip bulbs forced bloomed in pots are one answer to flower arranging with tulips. Enjoy potted tulips in arrangements and standing alone in Terra Cotta planters on the patio.

Potted tulips from force blooming make a lovely basket arrangement grouped with 3 to 5 other dish garden plants. Just make sure the “Sentry” isn’t out-ranked by the others. Let him be the focal point. In this arrangement notice how the small yellow Narcissus blooms compliment a tulip of the same shade. Foliage plants without blooms in complementary shades complete the set.

How To Make A Tulip Garden Basket

  • potted tulip in full bloom
  • one other blooming plant
  • 2-4 foliage plants
  • a basket
  • floral moss
  • pretty bow and floral pick

Mother’s Day Gift Idea


6405535_f520Arrange the other chosen plants around the potted tulip. Use inverted plastic containers to lift them to the same height if necessary. Fill in the top of the basket with floral moss to hide the tops of the plant pots. This will help to make the arrangement more attractive. Add a pretty matching bow and floral pick like this bejeweled butterfly.

This tulip basket idea would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion. The arrangement can be enjoyed for a few days. Then separate the plants and plant them in separate pots. Place them according to the different light requirements and have several new house or patio plants to enjoy!

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