Animal Cell Diagram Project: Make An Animal Cell T-shirt

Wear Your Animal Cell Diagram Project to School!

Do you need a really cool and original idea for your animal cell diagram project? Gather some buttons, baubles, and bows and create an animal cell project that you can wear to class! Or check out making a plant cell t-shirt here.

We used craft felt, yarn, pom poms, and other sewing craft items to create our animal cell t-shirt. Just use a plain white t-shirt, fabric glue, and fabric markers and let your imagination loose to create your very own animal cell t-shirt!


Insert cardboard or newspaper inside the t-shirt first. That way the glue won’t stick the back to the front. 



We cut and glued on the cytoplasm from a piece of yellow craft felt. The cell membrane is a strip of red yarn.

11 (1)

Golgi apparatus is 5 pieces of yellow chenille (pipe cleaner) stems. Golgi vesicles are 5 tiny yellow pom poms. 
A large white pom pom encircled with a strip of green yarn is our lysosome. 

Medium-size yellow pom poms are pinocytotic vacuoles. 
13 (2)The nucleus is made with a large orange pom pom and a brown medium-size pom pom glued to the center is the nucleolus. 

Yellow yarn is the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.  Clear plastic beads are ribosomes and create the rough ER. 

9 (1)

Pieces of white pipe stems are the microtubes. Two pink buttons are the Centrioles. Nine red dots around each button form the microtubules.

13 (1)

Mitochondria is fashioned from 2 colors of felt, tan and brown. There are three layers all glued on the largest bottom piece.


Make your wearable animal cell project just like ours, or use different materials and colors to create your very own animal cell t-shirt!

 Animal Cell Diagram


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