Fall Leaf Art: Make Fall Leaf Fairies

On cool autumn nights the Fall Leaf Fairies come out to play. With their magic paint brushes they turn the leaves on the trees to shades of red, orange, gold and brown.

The Fall Leaf Fairies also make a clever and attractive bulletin board display.  They make a great project for learning about fall and trees. Use this as a teacher-made bulletin board too.

Take the kids outside to find leaves with shapes that remind them of dancing fairies. The curves on some oak leaves will work well. Help them trace and cut out leaves from the spirit-shaped leaves. A pink oval makes the fairies’ faces. Their caps are real acorns glittered gold and the paint brush handles are real stems.

Do you see the leaves that look like spirits?

Fall Thematic Unit Ideas

Trees, leaves and the changing of seasons provide many opportunities for learning. Create a thematic unit for fall by first reading  Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert.

Learning Activities for Math

Students can sort and graph leaves as a math activity. They can learn to identify and classify the different kinds of trees in their neighborhood. Lessons on ecology are easily incorporated in fall thematic  units. An essential question is: What happens if trees that are harvested for energy are not replaced?

Science Lesson

Teach students how to identify and classify  different kinds of trees in their own neighborhoods. Have lessons on why leaves change colors.

Language Arts

Students can write or dictate stories about their Fall Leaf Fairies.  Fall leaves provide a great prompt for descriptive writing. Color and texture words are abundant for fall language arts activities!

Have fun with Fall Leaf Fairies!

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