Thematic Lessons And Activities For Spring


Thematic Units For Spring in Primary and Elementary Education

Thematic units are a creative and highly effective way to teach lessons across the curricula. Teachers use ideas in whole group activities and in learning stations set up throughout the room. The lessons and activities are centered around a central theme. These themes can be anything from the circus to sea life.

Holidays and seasons are good themes for implementing thematic units. Seasonal changes can bring about topics in science. Holidays and other observances lend themselves well to social science topics. Literacy and writing fits just about any theme, and math and art projects are plentiful with some creative planning.

Here are some ideas for helping to plan some great spring thematic units.  Most thematic units take from one to two weeks to finish. This well take you through March and beyond. These ideas do not include Easter thematic unit ideas since Easter is a major holiday. The kids will enjoy completing these activities and teachers will enjoy implementing them. Thematic units are a strong part of a well-rounded education. These activities can be adapted to fit the learning needs of different age levels throughout primary and elementary grades.

Saint Patrick’s Day Thematic Unit Ideas

Earth Day Thematic Unit Ideas

Plants and Animals in Spring Thematic Unit Ideas

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