Thematic Unit Ideas For Earth Day

Children are always appreciative and attentive when learning about being earth friendly or “green.”  It’s a good time to implement science and social studies into reading and writing.

After reading and learning about Earth Day, Have students list some ideas on how to save Earth’s resources. List them on a chart.

Here are some good books for learning about Earth Day.

The Earth Book by Todd Parr

I Can Save the Earth: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Alison Inches and Viviana Garofoli

Earth Day, Robin Hill School by Margaret McNamara and Mike Gordon

Earth Day Writing Station

In a separate time and place, have students put their hand print in green on a blue circle made to resemble the planet. Place the chart you created together in the whole group activity in the writing center along with cards that are labeled My Earth Day Promise. Students use these to compose their Earth Day promise. 

Earth Day Science Station

Take some time to make a landfill model with students during whole group instruction. Use the following materials:

  1. an old fish tank
  2. soil
  3. bits of  newspaper
  4. bits of banana peel.
  5. bits of plastic
  6. bits of cloth
  7. aluminum can tab
  8. Styrofoam packing “peanut”

Bury the 6 items in the soil close to the tank where they can be seen. Place this is the science center .Students can use a journal to observe, draw and make predictions about what will happen.

Earth Day Computer Station

During whole group instruction, take some time to talk about some statistics about the earth. Include its size in relationship to the sun and other planets and distance from the sun. Have models or a poster of the solar system. Show the students a tennis ball and a grain of sand and explain that this is how the sun and earth compare in size with the earth represented by the grain of sand. Use the following website for students to explore in the computer station.

Earth Day Creation Station Ideas

Have students drop earth colors of food dye diluted in water with a medicine dropper. The effect is very pretty. They may need to do this in a supervised station. They can trace hands and cut them out to attach to the earth. Have them write a story in the Writing Station to go with this on the topic of Giving Earth a Helping Hand. 

spring 10Sometimes it is hard for us to think about the earth on a level other than the things we see each day. Have materials at the creation station to make a torn paper collage of earth that shows land and water. They should try to show land masses and realize that the blue represents oceans. Have them draw landscape picture to go with them.

spring 7

Earth Day Math Station

During discussions about the earth and other heavenly bodies, make sure students understand that these objects are known as spheres. Have students draw or cut from magazines other objects that are spheres. Glue and label.

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Books For Learning About Earth Day

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