Winter Art And Learning Center Ideas To Brighten Classrooms

Brightening Up the Classroom After the Winter Holidays

The Holidays are over. Time to go back to school for the second semester. The halls and classrooms are so sad and dreary, after all, that colorful joy from October to December.

Keep everyone’s spirits up and get some winter art  posted in those classrooms and hallways. Do it quickly. Research shows that kids learn better in a colorful, attractive environment. Here are a few ideas for a quick fixer-upper to brighten up those bare classroom and hallway walls. Use as art projects or turn them into learning station activities.

Snowy Day Collage Art


Construction paper, white tempera and a brown crayon are all that’ needed for this nice collage project. Provide colorful paper for the houses. Talk about how deciduous trees are bare in winter. Kids can paint a snowy ground and some falling snow.

Learning about shapes in preschool or kindergarten? Having them identify and cut shapes for the houses is the math center

Winter Sunset 

This pretty project will belie the fact that winter is a dull, colorless season. Black construction paper trees and colored tissue bespeak of winter shadows and a colorful, chilly sunset. Add a few white paper snowflakes  in the foreground. Give them a sprinkle a silvery glitter. Combine this with learning about snowflakes shapes and formation for  a science art activity

January is not a dull, colorless month anymore.


 Coffee Filter Snowman

Young students can follow directions at a learning station to make this coffee filter snowman. Have them attach three coffee filters on a strip of paper with glue. Add buttons, an orange triangle nose,  black circle eyes and brown branches for arms. Make a

Use in a literacy center for older children to follow written directions. Use as a math center or activity for younger students for counting and shapes.

Then, brighten up the hallway by adding them onto a winter mural with blue paper,  white ground and green snow-covered trees.

winter 5

“Let It Snow!” Collage Art

This is a simple piece to make with a dramatic effect.  The kids just draw an egg-shaped face from manila art paper, cut it out and add the snowy background that they have painted onto large blue construction paper. Draw the mouth and white paper rectangle teeth. Draw hair along the bottom. Trace mittens and a sweater from a pattern.  Cut out and decorate. Add a fringed paper scarf.

As a class, make a list of things to do in the snow. Taste snowflakes, build a snowman, snow angels, etc. They can use this list to write stories in the writing center.

winter 4

Birds-Eye View Snowman

Graduating circles from white paper make a cute snowman from a birds-eye view. The next to the last circle is a colorful scarf, and the last makes the snowman’s face. This is great for teaching smaller, larger and graduating sizes in the math center.


Mittens Match-up


winter 3

Tallest Snowman


Who has the most letters in their name? This fun activity makes an attractive display for learning about measuring and comparison.

Kids will enjoy helping to create this attractive bulletin board, and it is a good visual discrimination activity for pre-reading skills. They can  cut out and color these mittens in the creation station center. 

Craft Stick Bird Feeder

After reading about animals in winter,  help students create this craft stick bird feeder. Have them glue seven wide craft sticks onto cardboard and trim off the edges. An adult will need to hot glue on the triangle roof. Kids can decorate with a white craft foam roof and a craft foam cut-out.  Glue a jar lid onto the feeder. Add a yarn hanger and bird seed. Students can draw and write about animals in winter in the science center. 

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