Winter Art Projects For Toddlers And Preschoolers With Special Needs

Winter Crafts for Toddlers

Arts, crafts, and many other learning activities for toddlers are also developmentally appropriate for preschool students with special needs, or even beyond. The two groups share the same basic stages of development.
The curriculum focuses on basics like color, number and letter recognition, shapes and other concepts. Large and fine muscle skills, visual and auditory discrimination are also important skills to develop at this stage. 
These winter craft ideas will help you, the toddler of special needs preschool teacher have craft ideas for the month of January. 

Winter Landscape

Materials: blue construction paper for background, white tempera, cookie cutters, green triangles and brown squares cut from construction paper, and glue.

Concepts/skills:   learn to identify shapes, triangle and square, colors, spatial relations, fine motor.

Directions:  teacher precuts shapes. Students arrange them in a tree shape. Students dip cookie cutters in shallow dishes of paint and stamp them on.

Three-circle Snowman


Materials: Blue and white paper, crayons, glue

Concept/Skills: size graduation, color recognition, shapes(circle)

Directions: Teacher precuts shapes. Student’s name the shapes and order them in size. Teacher helps child glue on background. Child embellishes with crayons

Shape Snowman



 Materials: construction paper in the colors shown, wallpaper scraps.

Concept/skills: Shapes, colors, size, spatial relations. Body part awareness.

Directions: Teacher pre-cuts shapes. Students put them together correctly. Teacher helps glue as needed. Scarves can be cut from old wallpaper sames.


Tissue Paper Snowman


Materials: white, orange or red, black or brown tissue. Glue wash (one-third water, two-thirds glue) and a paint brush.

Concept/Skills: fine motor skills, visual-spatial.

Directions: Teacher draws snowman shape on white paper. Pre-cut tissue “squares.” Brush on glue-wash.Child balls up the tissue squares and places correctly to form snowman with a face and buttons.


Torn Paper Collage


Materials: blue and white paper, glue

Concept/skill: Color recognition, fine motor skills( tearing)

Directions: Teacher pre-cuts strips of white paper. Show child how to tear and glue the pieces on the blue paper.

Wintery Patterning


Material: Snowman and snowflake shapes cut with Ellison press.

Concept/skill: simple patterning

Directions: Teacher pre-cuts shapes and starts the pattern for the child to finish.

Winter Animals

It’s fun learning about Artic animals. You can find lots of cute books and finger plays featuring winter animals. Books like Polar Bear, Polar Bear (Brown Bear, Brown Bear) are simple and hold a toddler’s attention. After sharing the books and rhymes, the little ones can relate to the animals with  these simple, crafty projects. 

Polar Bear

Paper plate, cotton balls, pre-cut ears.Pom pom nose, chenile stem mouth.

Child arranges face, ears, eyes nose in proper position. Teacher glues them to plate. (use hot glue if needed).

Child tears, pulls, manipulates cotton balls to glue on.





Large, medium, and small circles. Color, brown. Teacher traces students hands for flippers.



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