Plant Cell Cake: Make A Healthier Version

Plant Cell Model Cake with Fresh Fruit

Middle and high school students usually have to create plant and animal cell models using Styrofoam, craft items or objects they find around the house. Tastier models are sometimes created like cakes or jello and candy.

Our plant cell cake is a bit on the healthier side than those that use candies and globs of icing to model the organelles. Yes, we iced the cake with tinted green frosting and colored decorating gels, but our organelles are all fruit with the exception of  a few min-marshmallows and a little chocolate drizzling.


Plant Cell Cake Project

The other classmates will be impressed with this yummy plant cell model cake.  Bake it in an aluminum cake pan to take to school and share. It is also a great project for homeschoolers. Have your plant cell cake for family dessert. What a tasty way to learn about plant cells! Just mix up your favorite cake in a 13 x 9 inch pan.  If food dye isn’t a concern, consider making it a green velvet cake. Now gather fruit and other cake decorating  items and get creative with this healthier version of a plant cell cake.

plant cell 1

Central vacuole, Cytoplasm, Cell Wall and Cell Membrane

Dark, light and medium green tinted icing will be the large central vacuole, cytoplasm and cell wall. A little green gel or green sugar creates the cell membrane.

pcell 2

Outline the large central vacuole with decorating gel. We used yellow.


Golgi Apparatus and Golgi Vasicles

The golgi apparatus and golgi vasicles are tangerine slices and golden raisins.


Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

Our chloroplasts are kiwi slices.


Yummy mitochondria are strawberry slices drizzled in chocolate.


Nucleus, Nucleolus, Smooth and Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum and Ribosome

The nucleus is a plum half  pitted to hold a large purple grape nucleolus. We used purple decorating gel for the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and blueberries on gel for the rough er. Blueberries also create the  ribosome.

Druse Crystal


Need a tasty Druse crystal? Simply chop up green lime-flavored mini-marshmallows.



Now add a grape amyloplast and your plant cell cake and voila! Your plant cell cake is complete!

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