Plant Cell Project Ideas: Plant Cell T-Shirt


Making a Plant Cell Model

If you have an older elementary or middle-school student or will have someday, you will probably find yourself helping her create a plant or animal cell model project. And if you visit the science fair, you will be amazed at the creative ways kids come up with to make the cell models.

Styrofoam, empty toilet paper rolls, old batteries, clay and other items are used to represent the cell wall, cell membrane and all the organelles in the cell.

Then there are the edible ones like animal and plant cell cakes or jello ones with candies that represent the various parts of the cell.

Or, make an animal cell t-shirt instead.

Make a Plant Cell T-Shirt

But how about one you can wear? That’s the idea we came up with for our plant cell model. Start with a plain white t-shirt. You will need fabric markers for labeling and fabric glue for gluing.

Begin by making a pattern for the cell and the large central vacuole. Trace and cut these out of craft felt. Glue the cell on the front, then glue the large central vacuole on the cell. Use ribbon, yarn or green fabric marker for the cell wall and cell membrane.

From here, you will pick and choose items from things like felt, bows, buttons, pom poms, chenille stems, etc. for your plant cell organelles. Here is a chart listing what we used for each part of our plant cell model.

Tip: Place light cardboard or newspaper inside the t-shirt to keep the front and back from sticking together.




Cell Part
Material Used
Light green felt
Cell Wall
Green ribbon
Cell membrane
Green fabric marker
Large central vacuole
White craft felt
Vacuole membrane
Green chenille stem
Yellow felt circle
Medium purple pom pom
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
Narrow light purple ribbon
Rough endoplasmic reticulu,
Purple plastic beads
Tan felt oval / red chenille stem
Green felt oval /yellow chenille stem
Druse crystal
Small white pompom/tiny green pom pom
Golgi apparatus
Pieces of orange chenille stem
Golgi vesicles
Tiny green pom poms
Clear plastic beads
Raphide crystals
Pieces of sparkly green chenille stems
Purple button

Plant Cell T-Shirt Photo Tutorial

Use hot glue instead of fabric glue if necessary for heavier material.
A craft felt circle with a pom pom makes the nucleus and nucleolus.
Green ribbon makes the cell wall. Color in the cell membrane with a green fabric marker.
The plant cell and organelles
Embellish the crew neck.


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