5 Healthy Food Craft Recipes for Kids

Cute and Healthy Kid Food Crafts

These five cute food crafts for kids will encourage the pickiest of eaters to try new foods. This will make the job of getting kids to have a well-balanced diet easier. It is also really helpful to involve kids in preparing food. They will feel an “investment” in the projects and are much more likely to eat them.

Chicken Salad Sail Boats  

Chicken salad sailboats are scooped out bell peppers that are filled with a healthy chicken salad. Chicken, walnuts, raisins, chopped apples, diced celery and the chopped tops of the peppers are tossed in plain Greek yogurt. Season with salt, pepper and celery seed. Attach slices of Swiss cheese with straws that bend for the sails.

Waffle Cone Fruit Bowls


    Waffle cone fruit bowls will definitely get the attention of a picky eater. Use ice cream cones or these neat bowl-shaped ones. The edges are dipped in chocolate with colorful sprinkles added. Fill  them with fruit and yogurt.

Banana Limos

It is easy to reach the recommended daily amount of fruit servings each day with banana limos. A long banana is a limo with kiwi slices for wheels, and grape and strawberry passengers with mini-marshmallow heads. Paint on faces with a toothpick dipped in melted chocolate or chocolate icing. Parts are attached with toothpicks.


 ban limo

Mice Pears

One mice pear will have kids begging for another one. A canned pear half is the mouse’s body. Dried apricot ears are are attached with toothpicks. Eyes are raisins and the tail is a thin slice of apple.


Marbled Eggs

Ever noticed how kids that won’t  normally touch a boiled egg love to eat their Easter eggs? This same principle can be applied to marbled eggs. But instead of food dye, these healthy marble eggs are dyed with beet juice. Follow these directions:

  1. Boil 5-6 eggs and let them cool.  
  2. Crack them gently with a spoon
  3. In a medium to large saucepan, bring the juice of a 15-ounce can of beet juice to a boil.
  4. Add 2 TBSP vinegar.
  5. Cover the eggs with the liquid. Cool and place in the fridge for a few hours.


Get Creative and Healthy with Food Crafts!  Recommended by My Creative Palette.


 Eating a Balanced Diet

Children and adults for that matter need to eat a balanced diet for optimal health.  Presenting fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods in fun ways like cute food crafts can encourage picky eaters to give a variety of foods from all the food groups a try. This will set the stage for a lifetime of good eating habits, and consequently, good health in adulthood.

Different foods benefit the body in different ways. That is why a balanced diet is so important.

Here is a graphic guide to help ensure kids get the right amount of foods from each of the food groups.


Grains and Potatoes

Whole wheat bread and pasta, oats, sweet potatoes and noodles are sources of iron, fiber and B-vitamins will provide children with plenty of energy to be physically active.

Fruits and Vegetables

A variety of fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins, minerals, iron, fiber and pytonutrients.  Natural sugars from fresh and dried fruits should replace the sugars in candy and cookies as often as possible. Notice that the food pyramid graphic calls for lots of fruit and veggie servings. One serving only needs to be as large as what the child can hold in her hand. This makes meeting the daily requirements easier.


Protein builds muscle and  provides the building blocks for growth.  Find plenty of it in chicken, beef, eggs, fish, turkey, beans, and nuts.

Fats and Oils

Everyone needs a balance of omega fats. Omega 6’s help blood coagulate. Omega 3’s balance out cholesterol levels. Omega 3’s can be gotten from things like olive oil and walnuts. A cookie here or there or butter can provide the omega 6’s.

Calcium-rich Foods

Calcium is very important for children. It is essential for strong bones and teeth. Milk, cheese, yogurt, leafy green veggies, nuts, and seeds are great sources of calcium.


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