Cutest Polar Bear Cupcakes Inspire Learning Cool Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bear Cupcakes~made with white-frosted cupcakes with coconut fur. marshmallow muzzles, raisin noses and lemon cooler cookies for ears.


It is well after Christmas, and the new toys are no longer the ‘flavor of the day.’ Spice up the cold season for the kids by making the cutest polar bears cupcakes.

Making these cute cupcakes that look like polar bears will leave them wanting to learn some fun facts about polar bears and their fight to survive.

Cupcakes can make any day better. Stuck at home on a snowy day, a white, frozen world presents a teachable moment to learn facts about polar bears, who thrive in what we shiver in.

Polar Bear Cupcakes

We love to invent cute cupcakes for kids. Those cute little polar bear cubs inspired us to create polar bear cupcakes. These are entirely original and come from somewhere inside our creative little heads.

Here we share how to make our polar bear cupcakes as well as a cool list of polar bear resources to learn about them with. Watch a video here and check out the Polar Bears Resource section while snacking on polar bear cupcakes.



What We Used to Make Polar Bear Cupcakes

  • White cake mix, use yellow if preferred
  • Egg whites, oil, and water
  • Fresh frozen or grated fresh Coconut, can use dry flakes, but not as good
  • Marshmallows, regular size
  • Mini M&Ms, chocolate
  • Golden raisins
  • Lemon coolers, cookies
  • Chocolate icing


  1. Bake cupcakes according to package directions. Cool
  2. Ice with vanilla frosting.
  3. Sprinkle on fresh coconut.
  4. Slice a marshmallow in half horizontally.
  5. Add two lemon cooler cookies for ears.
  6. Add the marshmallow half for the bear’s muzzle
  7. Use a tad of frosting to attach a golden raisin for the nose.
  8. Add mini M&Ms for eyes.
  9. Pipe on a chocolate frosting mouth. (We just put the frosting in a sandwich bag with a small tip cut out of the corner).


Polar Bear Facts

Polar bears live in a frozen arctic world. They eat seals and some other arctic sea life, and do so by going from ice floe to ice floe. Polar bears are now considered a threatened species, meaning that they are likely to become endangered. We know what that means. Those beautiful amazing animals could become extinct if action is not taken.

As the earth has begun to warm, these large chunks of ice that they climb aboard to do their fishing for food on are floating around faster and further apart. The poor creatures are wearing themselves out like we would if we had to wander around in circles for days looking for our food source. Some say that greenhouse gas emissions are to blame, others argue that the warming of the planet is a natural occurrence. We believe it is a little of both.

We found some fantastic resources online to explore. There are great interactive websites like National Geographic for Kids. Videos show the polar bears in their frozen world.

Polar Bear Learning Resources

  1. Read facts, see photos and videos, make and send an e-card and more at National Geographic for Kids.
  2. An experiment with ice cubes demonstrates how these animals are threatened.
  3. Kids can adopt a polar bear by donating to Oceana, an organization dedicated to research on how to save the polar bear. Kids receive adoption papers and a plush polar bear.


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