How To Make A Redneck Gingerbread Trailer In Ten Steps

Don’t you hate it when you see something really cute, but no directions are given? Or if they are given, they’re not very clear.

I do. That’s why I am going to go the extra mile to show you how to create a redneck gingerbread house in ten steps that your friends will get a kick out of.

Materials for Redneck Gingerbread Trailer

First, a list of suggested materials for your gingerbread trailer.


1.  Base-Quart-sized beverage carton, like milk, juice, eggnog. 

2. Roof and Sides Graham crackers.

3. Door-  Milano cookie

4. Trailer hitch- Giant size marshmallow and two candy canes

5. Wheels- Chocolate covered min- donuts

6. Windows- Keebler fudge round minis

7. Deck-  2-3 Kit Kat bars for floor and stairs, pretzel sticks for rails

8. Lights- mini M&Ms

9. Picnic table- regular-sized marshmallow, cocktail umbrella, and mini-marshmallows for chairs

10. Satellite Dish- mini Keebler fudge stripe cookie, one pretzel stick

10. Other decorations- Life Savers, powdered sugar for snow, toy cars and sugar cubes for cinder blocks


Step 1. 

You must make royal icing. You can use regular icing for decorating, but royal icing is the cement that will hold your trailer together. Here is the royal icing recipe I use. It calls for cream of tarter, not meringue powder. It is easy and works well. Cream of tartar is also easier to find than meringue powder.

3 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp cream of tartar, 2 egg whites, beaten

Sift together the sugar and cream of tartar. Add eggs and beat with electric mixer for about 5 minutes until it peaks and holds its shape.


Step 2. 

Spread royal icing on the top and sides of the carton.



 Step 3.

Press graham cracker halves on all three sides.



 Step 4.

Use graham cracker quarters to fill in any gaps.

20141220_161829 (1)

 Step 5.

Make a foundation of Starlight mints. A marshmallow can be used at each corner.20141220_170416

 Step 6.

Pipe on icing and add mini M&Ms for the lights.



 Step 7. 

Use royal icing to glue the trailer to its peppermint foundation. Make the deck and steps with Kit Kat bars. Use royal icing to glue the pretzel stick railings together. Let then dry separately. Glue on Milano cookie door. Add a yellow M&M door knob.

You don’t have to work about neatness when making the deck rails. Just cover them with a layer of “snow” decorator icing.




Step 8.

Finish decorating with Lifesavers, Fudge Round windows and mini Fudge Strip satellite dish attached to a pretzel stick.

Step 9.

Use hot glue to attach unwrapped candy canes for the trailer hitch. Rest the hitch on a giant-sized marshmallow. Use royal icing to attach mini donut wheels. Prop them up on a marshmallow.


Step 10.

Add the yard decorations. Cars, old tires (chocolate mini donuts), maybe a car with no tires on sugar cube cinder blocks, a marshmallow table with a cocktail umbrella stuck in it and surrounded by mini marshmallow chairs.

Use the powdered sugar left over from the icing to add a sprinkling of snow.






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