DIY Valentines: Six Cute Card Ideas

Homemade Valentine Ideas

Imagine getting an old-fashioned homemade valentine from your significant other. Just like every other holiday, Valentine’s Day has become highly commercialized. Back in the old days, valentines were made by hand of paper and cloth. Later on, they were made of old photos, real lace, and ribbons. There were no factories to mass produce die-cut valentine cards.

As valentine card making advanced, the real lace and ribbons turned into  lace  and red, pink and white paper. Purple paper grew popular as a “valentines color” too. Then, in the early 1800’s, Valentine cards began being mass produced and assembled in factories. Gone was the innocence of a sweetly-made Valentine card. Now a girl is lucky to get a Valentine  other than an eCard. It is hard sometimes to beat technology. Don’t let the valentine card become a thing of the past.  

Wouldn’t it be romantic to begin an old tradition anew? Here are six cute homemade valentine card ideas to get started with. Copy them as is, or alter them to use watever you have on hand. Or, maybe these will spark a new idea for your own design.

Materials needed for cute homemade Valentines besides red, white, pink and purple paper can include ribbon, lace, fuzzy pompoms, yarn, fabric, stickers, scrap-booking material and imagination. It is good to have a hot glue gun on hand  for gluing on heavier objects like poms or buttons. Otherwise, some very pretty Valentines can be created with  only paper,scissors, glue, markers or crayons. Just be sure to use paper thick enough that the markers you use don’t bleed through. I hope the following ideas inspire someone to make homemade Valentine cards this year.

Butterfly Homemade Valentine Card

Cute Butterfly Card

This valentine butterfly is made of two red paper heart cut-outs. Cut the inside of each one out to leave a heart outline. Glue a square of pink tissue paper (or color of choice) inside and then trim. Glue in a butterfly shape onto the front of the card. Paint on spots with white acrylic paint. The butterfly’s body and antenna are formed from black chenille stems .

The inside is reserved for a personal message.

A dab of hot glue from a glue gun will hold heavier materials like pipe cleaners and googly eyes better. 

The Birds and the Bee

Cute Bee My Valentine Homemade Card

The birds and the bees have long been the subject of love. This cute card is made with red paper. A  bee of yellow paper  has black marker stripes. It has white heart-shaped wings, tiny googly eyes, pom pom stinger and a red smile cut from felt.

Write a personal message inside.

My Love Grows and Grows 

Love Grows With A Three-tiered Fold-out Card.

A growing flower with pink and purple heart-shaped petals grows taller and taller as the card unfolds. Do this by folding the paper in thirds. Put the parts on each section as shown. The flowers center is a little yellow pom pom, but you could use a wad of yellow tissue or simply a yellow paper circle.

Berry Much Love 

Heart-shaped Berry for a Cute Valentine card.


This cute card is a strawberry shaped like a valentine with  little green leaf valentines on the stem. This is all done with paper and marker. Outlining in rick rack adds a nice effect.


Squeaking Heart Mouse


My Heart Squeaks For You!

 This squeaky mouse is a half of a heart cut from white paper. His ears are a little pink valentine. His curly tail is gift-wrapping ribbon. He has a hot pink pom pom nose, a googly eye and drawn-on whiskers. Add stickers or cut hearts from paper to embellish the card.

Write a message inside.


     Soaring Love                                              

A Valentine Kite on a String of Red Ribbon


A heart-shaped kite is being flown on a red ribbon string. It is soaring high towards the blue marker clouds. Tiny pink tissue paper ruffles give it some bling. Make the ruffles by inserting a pencil point inside the tissue square.  Twist, remove and glue in place. This is a bit tedious, but the rest of the card is really simple.



Not crafty? Try vintage Valentines.

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