Christmas Tree Themes: Christmas At The Beach

Beach Themed Christmas Ornaments

Coastal dwellers love anything with a ‘beachy’ look. At Christmastime, you are likely to find beach-themed Christmas ornaments and other nautical decorations in their homes.

However, these days you don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the beach-themed decor. Even folks in Kansas can incorporate a nautical theme thanks to online ordering. These beachy ornaments will help you achieve a nautical look for your holiday decor.

If you live near the beach or take vacations there, be sure to comb the beach and the shops for shells to make ornaments next Christmas.

Starfish Ornaments

Santa From the Sea

Starfish are generally hard to find on most beaches, and if you do find one that is still alive, tossing it back to sea is a good thing to do. They can be found in souvenir shops at the beach and ordered online.

The starfish Santa is painted with red and white acrylic paints. His belt and boots are black. He has a foil belt buckle. Paint his face pink after the beard and hat have dried. Then, when the face has dried, attach tiny wiggly eyes and a red pom pom nose with hot glue. Add a white pom pom to Santa’s hat.

Star fish Santa

Oyster Shell Ornaments

Finding Oyster Shells

Oyster shells are harder to find for the in-lander. Islanders can find them scattered abundantly on the beach. One place you can find them is at restaurants that serve oysters. However, the green thing to do these days is to send the shells back to oyster farms where they are used to grow new crops of oysters. The ones lying sun-bleached on the beach are best to use. Otherwise, they must be soaked for a while in a solution of bleach and water.

Oyster Shell Santa

There is something about the shape of an oyster shell that lets us paint a Santa face. Paint the bottom white for a beard . Red paint and a pom pom completes Santa’s hat. Glue on small wiggly eyes, red pom pom nose and a white Santa hat pom pom.


 Golden Oyster Shell Ornament

The golden oyster shell ornament is a breeze to make and looks very elegant. Larger oyster shells have  differing, interesting shapes.Simply spray some with gold spray paint.  Then just attach a fancy bow with hot glue and add an ornament hanger. How easy is that!

Golden oyster shell ornament is easy to make.

Sand Dollar Ornaments

Finding Sand Dollars

Sand dollars are my favorite find in beach combing. They are harder to find that oyster shells but easier than star fish. On the beach, they are usually buried underneath the sand just at the shore line. They will need to be bleached for ornament making. Sand dollars can be bought by the dozens in seaside souvenir shops and on-line. They are very inexpensive.

Sand dollars have a natural imprint on them that resembles a flower with five petals. Turn this into a poinsettia, or Christmas flower with acrylic paint. A rim of glitter adds some bling. Spraying them with clear Krylon will give them a glossy look and help protect from breakage.

Sand dollar poinsettia ornaments

Clear Fill-able Ornaments

Beach-scape Ornament

Clear fill-able ornaments can be purchased at craft shops or ordered on-line.These can be used to make pretty ornaments with things found on the beach. Believe it or not, beach sand can actually be ordered, but it has to be bought in bulk. The lowest amount is 25 pounds. You will want to get white craft sand from a craft supply store. Better yet, the next time you get to visit the beach, get a little sand in your shell-collecting bucket along with some tiny shells. Then you will have what you need to make a pretty  beach–scape ornament.

Beach-scape inside a clear fill-able ornament

Sea Glass Ornament

Sea glass is old broken glass that has been tossed and churned about for many years. It is smooth and has a frosty look. Some sea glass is rare, and its rarity is determined by color. Green, white and brown are the most common. Red, blue, amber, orange and some shades of green are rare.

Collecting sea glass is a hobby for some people, and it is much sought after. Authentic sea glass can be ordered, but it is rather pricey. Fortunately for me, I have my own collection of sea glass that I have collected over time.

Sea glass can also be made artificially by a special tumbling process that gives it the frosty look of real sea glass. Craft grade sea glass is available on-line and in craft supply stores. Fill a clear ornament with some sea glass, authentic or manufactured. Tie it on the tree with a pretty green ribbon.

Clear fill-able ornament with colorful sea glass.


Simple Nautical Wreath


All it takes is two natural grapevine wreaths, shells, starfish and some Christmas ribbons to make these simple yet nautical wreaths.  Just hot glue your beach finds to the wreaths. Add long, long ribbons.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Palm Bark


Spray a piece of palm bark with clear acrylic for a little shine. Then just glue on huge googly eyes and a big red pom pom.

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