How To Make A Seashell Mirror For Nautical Decorating

Decorate With A “Beachy” Theme

The Seashore inspires Novels, Paintings and much more like…Home Decor!
 Nautical Decor is Popular from Shore to Shore and Everywhere Above and Between.


Shell a Mirror


Shelling a Mirror is a Popular Project, an Easy Work of Art that Uses Nature’s Sea Shells. . .
Sea Shells are the Discarded Homes of Ocean Life in a Host of Patterns and in Colors of the Beach Sunrises and Sunsets. 




You Do Not Have to Live at the Beach to use Nautical Decor.  “Beachy” Colors like Shades of Salmon, Ecru and Teal can Bring a Sea Breezy Look to a Room Anywhere. 

Where to Get Your Shells

If You Live near the Beach or Take Vacations to one, Beachcombing is fun and there are lots of Pretty Shells to be found. Beaches usually have Shells Shops where You can get lots more Exotic Sea Shells. Even still, they are Readily Available to order Online.




Plan Special Groupings of Shells for the Top, Bottom and Four Corners. When You have it like You want it, Glue with a Hot Glue Gun. 


Make the Top Center the Most Dramatic!
My Top Corners Compliment  the Drama from the Center.



Bold, Beautiful Top Corners


Make the Bottom Center Dramatic, too. 




But a Little Less Dramatic Than the Top Center. 





Make the Bottom Corners Stand Out a little.



My Bottom Corners.

Use Medium Shells to Create Matching Patterns for the Sides of the Shell Mirror.
015The Shells do not Need to Look Just alike, Just Similar in Size and Color. 
The Other Side of the Sea Shell Mirror.



The Last Step is to Fill in the Largest Gaps with Small Sea Shells. 

All Done and So Easy! Just be Sure to use Lots of Hot Glue.

Happy Shell Hunting and Shopping!















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