Retro Art Project Ideas: 5 Blasts From The Past

Heat Up January With Retro Art

With all the colorful projects of fall and the holidays over, January can seem dull and dreary for arts and crafts. Since another year has passed, maybe it’s a good time to be retrospective and delve into retro ideas and projects.
What is Retro?

Arguments about what is antique, vintage or retro are hot debates in the art and design industry. Generally, retro refers to the arts and cultural ideas of over 15 to 20 years ago. Vintage delves beyond that time span into the past decades and centuries. To be considered antique, an item must be 100 years old or older. Classifications often cross paths. In other words, from antique to vintage to retro is several shades of gray.


Retro Arts and Crafts 1960s-1970s

This collection of retro arts and crafts projects will drum up memories of teen rooms and dorm rooms from the ’60s and ’70s.

Wine Bottle Collage and Candle Holder

Retro Wine Bottle Candle Project

Remember making drippy candle holders and cool collage wine bottles? They were a common site in teen rooms and dorm rooms in the 1960s and 1970s.

You saved that bottle of Ripple you shared at a special time and commemorated the occasion by doing SOMETHING to hang on the that bottle.

Dripping Candle-holder

candle 1

Dripping candle wax onto those bottles was really fun. Do it again! Use up those leftover candle stubs from the Holidays!


bottle 1
Collage/Decoupage Project.

Since 1967, Modge Podge has been making decoupage projects fun and easy. It is a cool glue and sealant all in one. A snowy day is a good time to cut words and letters from magazines to create clever phrases to decoupage your special wine bottle with. Just cut and brush on with  Modge Podge. 

modge podge

Pop Top Tab Accessories

In 1959, a guy named Ermal Fraze invented the pop top. It was a tool on aluminum cans that eliminated the need for any other tool to open cans of beer, soda and selected fruit juices. Girls everywhere soon thought up cool ways to use the pop tops in fashion accessories without realizing they were”being green.”

retro art 2
Retro ribbon belt made with soda/beer can pop tops.
Make a double knot at the end of the first and last poptop.

Sand Art Planter

Layers of colored sand mimic a dessert sunrise in this terrarium.
Layers of colored sand mimic a dessert sunrise in this terrarium.

Bottled sand art was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. It still is today. Colored sand can be layered in bottles to create great art. I colored play sand with colored chalk dust for my sunset planter.

Paper Flowers

paper flowers

Paper flowers made from tissue paper are really easy to make. Make a vase full or make big ones to hang from the ceiling.

Cut squares of colored tissue. Stack layers 10 to 12 feet deep. Adjust size accordingly. Then fold accordion-style. Clip the middle with a paper clip or rubber band.

paper flowers 1

Tear layers apart separately


Have Fun With These Retro Art Project Ideas!



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