Rustic Wedding Arrangements: June’s Wildflowers

Ah, June! Early summer is such a special time. Even though it’s not officially summer until around June 21st, ask anyone, anywhere. June the first is considered as summer.  The rebirth of a new season is well on its way to producing an autumn harvest. It is an excellent season to put together DIY floral arrangements for all those June weddings.

Using Summer Wildflowers in DIY Arrangements

Using summer wildflowers gives us a chance to tell a story of the growing season. Notice the wild sweet pea blossoms in this arrangement. Most blooms are fully open, but some on the same stalk are still buds.

A branch of wild grape leaves adds a touch of greenery. Tiny wild grapes speak of a season that will grow and produce. If you are planning a June wedding, or a wedding anytime this summer, think of these buds and tiny fruits as representing your budding new life.

Anyone that has only briefly visited My Creative Palette will be able to tell how much I love arranging flowers. In fact, I used my favorite pastime to begin freelance writing. My rationale was that it was easier to start writing about something that you were passionate about.

My strategy for writing worked out well, and I am still enjoying arranging flowers. I especially love using the pretty things that nature has scattered around in the fields, meadows, woodlands and wastelands.

How to Create Wild Flower Arrangements

Remember those surveys you did in math class on things like how many people prefer what flavor of ice cream? Those kinds of surveys show the wide popularity of wild flowers. In fact, wild flower seeds are a pretty hot commodity in gardening.

Many parks forbid the picking of wildflowers. I just adore the Indian paintbrush  that grow on the coast, but I wouldn’t dare pick one, as it is strictly forbidden. State agencies like to plant wildflowers along interstates, and I think those are  probably taboo as well.

Finding Wild Flowers 

Sometimes it may take a look around the neighborhood and a bit of creative thinking to come up with DIY floral arrangements using wild flowers.  It may sometimes seem difficult, especially if you live in the city.

Try taking a walk or drive  around the neighborhood. Drive out in the country and check wastelands and roadsides. A close look may find you looking at lovely wild roses, wild sweet pea, ox-eye daisies, and bunches of delicate (and hard to identify) summer wild flowers in pinks and purples.

Every area is different, and what you may find may be very different than what I find. But wildflowers are there to be found. Sometimes what is considered a common weed can be just the thing to help create a beautiful DIY arrangement fit for the finest wedding.

I love Queen Anne’s Lace, a common wildflower that is so easy to find in many locales.

Queen Anne's Lace for DIY Summer Wedding Flowers
Queen Anne’s Lace for DIY
Summer Wedding Flowers

Look at this wild roses that grow by the roadsides. They would look lovely in an arrangement for a June wedding.


Wild Roses for DIY floral arrangment
Wild Roses for DIY floral arrangment


Wild sweet peas add spillage, important to balance out arrangements for a good visual effect. I have filled in the rest of my DIY wildflower arrangement with ox-eye daisies, and little delicate purple unidentified wildflowers.

A Creative Container

Rustic containers such as old watering cans and Mason jars make great containers for wild flowers. With a sharp eye and some imagination, you could create really lovely DIY arrangements for summer weddings and other events. 


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