Easy Way To Tie-dye Flowers For Arrangements

Tie-dying Flowers


Tie-dye colors seem to be especially popular for roses. I have never been fond of the idea of tie-dying roses. First of all, roses are expensive. I love the deep colors of roses; the pinks like coral, deep red and yellow. Why mess with that?

To tie-dye roses,you must use white roses. White roses have a special beauty that stands for purity. I like my white roses to stay “pure and white as the driven snow”. Tie-dying roses require the stems to be split. If I were a flower, I wouldn’t want my stem to be split. It seems that would be akin to a broken back.


Tie-dying Spring Flowers

The process of tie-dying roses seems difficult and easy to mess up. I have found a way to tie-dye flowers that actually isn’t really tie-dying. Yellow daffodils or Jonquils and red or green food dye make the perfect combination for tie-dye colors in flowers.

There are a couple of different reason for using daffodils or jonquils. Members of the Narcissus bulb family, these flowers are often called March flowers because they bloom from January or February in temperate climates right into spring.


Look for unique containers to display tie-dyed flowers.

The first arrangement  above is  structured. I had a colorful striped tea pitcher that showed off my larger, longer-stemmed jonquils.These are all cut and prearranged before dying.

In this arrangement, I used both daffodils and jonquils of different lengths for a more free form arrangement.

Steps for Tie-dying Spring Flowers for Arrangements

  • select vases for arrangements
  • decide on structured or free form arrangement
  • cut stems to fit arrangement
  • fit number and form of flowers to your container
  • Arrange in container and then remove
  • use Popsicle mold or any container for dying
  • add a little water to the dye
  • leave 4-6 hours, check often
  • rinse stems and use in arrangements
Cut stems to fit arrangement
Add a little food dye and a little water to Popsicle molds.









Put different colors in the molds




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