Elegant And Easy Centerpieces For Holiday Meals

Centerpieces For Holiday Meals

Holiday meals are very special times. Friends and families gather from near and far to create long-lasting memories. Our holiday meals deserve a great table centerpiece for making brighter memories. Demanding schedules and economically challenging times are reasons for easy and inexpensive arrangements for holiday tables. I love to use sustainable items in my decorating whenever possible. Nature provides us with free beauty. Every area is different, so take a stroll through your own environment and see what you find. Here are some ideas to get you started. They are easy on your time and wallet while looking very elegant.

The Holly and the Ivy

English Ivy is a controversial plant. Some love to use it as a ground cover or as a wall climber.Others fight to get rid of it. The Old Christmas Carol the Holly and the Ivy represents the Pagan belief that The Holly is a masculine plant while The Ivy is feminine.

For this arrangement, I will have no problem obtaining cuttings of English Ivy as I have a neighbor who is not fond of it. I find a forlorn container stashed away that is perfect for the arrangement I have in mind. I place dampened floral foam inside the container. I arrange my Ivy cuttings and add pomegranates. I attach them using wooden BBQ skewers. I am pleased with the effect and add candlelight for elegance.

Bare and Beautiful

Pine Cone Centerpiece

While walking beneath the Georgia Pines, some lower branches catch my eye. They are “needle-less” but pine cones are attached. I love the way the bare branches twist and arch. Later, I display them in a tall glass vase. I cover the bottom of the vase with floral moss and add a couple sprigs of holly with nice plump red berries.

I love the natural look of the twigs and pine cones. The red holly adds just the right touch to remind me that it is the Christmas Season. It follows so closely on the heels of Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

fall and christmas 062

 Along the roadside brightly colored leaves of green and red catch my eye. Upon closer inspection I see that they are the late season leaves of the Oak Leaf Hydrangeas.They are so different from the withered brown of the Mop Head Hydrangeas. The delicate blue blossoms of summer have turned to a thin papery brown. Lovely! They will be the focal point of my arrangement.  I will add fall berries and other fall foliage.

                         Natural Treasures I Find On My Walk

Blinged Magnolia with Citrus

fall and christmas 042

I give a few big shiny magnolia leaves some bling with gold spray paint and add green ones for contrast. I shine a few lemons and limes with cooking oil and add all to pretty basket for a simple and very elegant holiday centerpiece.

Sustainable and Edible


A great looking holiday centerpiece can be as simple as using fruit-sustainable and EDIBLE!  This centerpiece is created by  filling  a two-tiered glass cake stand with red pears and green grapes. Easy and Inexpensive!  It’s a good centerpiece to leave out during the day. Candles in candlesticks add elegance for mealtime.



A functional centerpiece can be created by incorporating attractive parts of the meal into a center gathering. A healthy basket of pretty wheat bread and bottles of wine in alternating hues can nestle nicely on a wooden tray. A Holiday kitchen towel and exotic fruit such as mango and pomegranate add a touch of elegance.

Recycled Ornaments


Taking stock of my Christmas decorations is my next task today. I find that I have some extra ball ornaments.What can I do with these? I simply place them in my tall glass container and add candles Voila! Another very easy and elegant last minute Holiday centerpiece. Virtually no preparation is needed, and you have done Earth a good turn by recycling.

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