Goldenrod: My Favorite Wildflower Gets Tamed In Arrangements


My favorite fall wildflower is the goldenrod. Blooming from about late August to mid-October, it is a familiar sight in most of North America and Canada.  Although goldenrod is related to asters, most people consider it a weed. It is sometimes confused with ragweed.  However, goldenrod does not make people sneeze.

Goldenrod can be used in fall floral arrangements in interesting ways with a little imagination. Scrounge around for different containers and see what would look good with it.  With the right container, a bunch a goldenrod can look good all by itself.

goldenrod pitcher
I found a striped tea pitcher that made a great container for goldenrod.


Oak-leaf Hydrangea and Goldenrod


Along about the time the goldenrod makes it’s autumn debut, the hydrangeas are fading away day by day. In the next arrangement, once-white oak leaf hydrangea blossoms provide a focal point with a fountain of goldenrod spilling out around it. I added dried Queen Anne’s lace to give it a rustic look. It’s the perfect late summer or early fall centerpiece.

goldenrod & Hydrangea

Mums and Goldenrod

The next arrangement, a rather rustic vase holds some “store bought”mixed chrysanthemums alongside the goldenrod. It’s tame and wild together in one lovely bunch.



Zinnias and Goldenrod

This cute arrangement in a little old watering can goes great on  a small table. A few fading zinnias from the garden are paired with goldenrod. It seems to say goodbye to summer and hello to vibrant autumn color.


I hope these arrangements inspire you to use goldenrod in fall centerpieces this season. Happy fall!




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