Homemade Christmas Crafts For All Ages


Homemade Ornaments, Gifts and Party Favors to Make For Christmas

Celebrate the Season of Joy! Make pretty Christmas crafts with these homemade Christmas craft ideas.Use these ideas for ornaments, give them out for party favors, or use them as special homemade gifts.

Ideas are included for younger and older children. Even adult crafters will enjoy some of these Christmas craft ideas. They don’t require a lot or preparation,and the materials used are easy to obtain and inexpensive. So get out the craft box and add some homemade fun to the holiday.

Christmas Crafts for Younger Kids

Craft Stick Christmas Ornaments

Craft  sticks can be used to make really cute ornaments. Craft sticks are merely Popsicle sticks  or tongue depressors. You don’t have to save them up. They can be bought by the box in the crafts department.  Turn them into refrigerator magnets by gluing magnets on the back. These inexpensive magnets can be purchased in the craft section of department stores. Moms and grandmothers will cherish these ornaments and magnets year after year.

There is no cutting involved with craft stick ornaments. Little kids can do a lot on their own. They get a sense of self accomplishment and the ornaments look quite impressive.

Craft stick reindeer ornament

How to Make a Rudolph Craft Stick Ornament

There are different versions to this craft. Use the narrow Popsicle size for one and the wider, tongue depressor size for another. Paint sticks brown or leave natural. Twigs can be antlers or antlers can be the tips of the craft sticks

You will need:
  •  craft sticks, either size
  • wiggly eyes
  • ribbon or hanger
  • small red pompoms
  • glue
  • twigs(optional)
  • brown paint(optional)
How to make:
  1. paint sticks if preferred, or leave natural
  2. let dry and glue into a triangle shape
  3. leave some of the two side craft sticks over-lapping the top to form antlers. (or glue without the over-lap and glue on twig antlers.
  4. add ribbon, yarn or cold cord for a hanger.
White paint and clear plastic bead help to create this shimmery Popsicle stick snowflake homemade ornament.

How to Make a Snowflake Ornament

You will need:
  • Popsicle-size craft stick
  • white poster or acrylic paint and paint brushes
  • clear plastic crystal beads
  • yarn or silver cord  for a hanger
How to make:
  1. paint the six craft sticks white
  2. allow to dry
  3. glue on clear beads with white clear-drying glue
  4. add a hanger


Sweet gum tree ornament gives the tree a bit of nature’s beauty

How to Make a Sweet Gum Ball Ornament

Very safe for young children to make, older crafters will enjoy this project as well. Sweet gum ball homemade Christmas ornaments will add a touch of nature to the tree. Sweet gum balls are plentiful in late fall and early winter. Just search the ground underneath the sweet gum trees.


You will need:
  • sweet gum balls
  • wooden tooth picks
  • glue
  • white paint
  • silver glitter
How to make:
  1. stick a toothpick in each hole around the sweet gum ball. use a dab of glue to help anchor it.
  2. paint sweet gum ball and toothpicks white
  3. shake on silver glitter while the paint is still wet
  4. Dry and glue on a piece of ribbon or yarn for a hanger

How to Make a Reindeer Hand Print Keepsake

Reindeer hand print keepsake.
You will need:
  • brown craft foam (construction paper may also be used)
  • white paper
  • brown finger paint
  • large-size wiggly eyes
  • medium to large red pom pom
How to make:
  1. cut a large triangle from the craft foam or paper
  2. child makes hand prints with paint on white paper
  3. cut out hand prints and glue on for antlers
  4. add a fringe of brown paper to the forehead
  5. glue on eyes and nose

Christmas Crafts for Older Kids to Make

Older kids and adults like to make ornaments and party favors.  They look for ornament ideas that will make good gifts for friends’ Christmas trees. They can also help younger kids make things.  For example, the candy cane reindeer are great for kids to pass out at school. They can also be hung on the tree or put in stockings.  Older kids and adults can help with the gluing.

How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer Party Favors

Candy cane reindeer can be hung on the Christmas tree.
What you need:
  • wrapped candy canes
  • small pom poms
  • small wiggly eyes
  • brown chenille stems
  • hot glue
How to make:
  1. hot glue eyes and nose on candy cane
  2. cut chenille stem in half
  3. bend stem to form an antler
  4. glue on two antlers


How to Make a Recycled Light Bulb Santa Ornament

Recycle a light bulb to make a cute homemade Santa ornament.
You Will Need:
  1. burned out light bulb
  2. acrylic paints
  3. paint brushes
  4. small wiggly eyes
  5. cotton balls
  6. yarn or ribbon for the hanger
  7. small red pompom
  8. medium-size white pompom
How to Make:
  1. paint the top part of the light bulb red
  2. glue on the wiggly eyes
  3. add a red pom pom nose
  4. paint on rosy pink cheeks and red mouth
  5. glue cotton on the bottom part of the bulb for a beard
  6. form eyebrows and moustache from cotton and glue in position
  7. glue on ribbon for a hanger

 How to Make a Fan Ornament

Pretty fan ornament makes a great homemade gift

The secret to making this pretty fan ornament lies in the measuring, folding, trimming and gluing techniques. Use these colors or others. Gold, pink and white would look pretty.

What you need:
  • metallic gift wrap
  • colored tissue gift wrap (in two colors)
  • ribbon
  • lace
  • a bead
  • hot glue
  • card stock (an old file folder works)
  • ruler
How to make:
  1. begin by cutting three 4″ x 5″ inch pieces of metallic wrap
  2. fold each piece accordion (fan) style
  3. trim the ends so that each pleat will be even
  4. open up and put a dab of hot glue between each pleat at the bottom only
  5. lay aside. repeat process for two pieces of tissue the same size.
  6. use white glue, not hot glue for gluing the tissue wrap pleats
  7. cut one longer rectangle in the second color,  4″ x 7″.
  8. fold and glue in the same fashion
  9. next, it is time to glue the fan pieces together
  10. then cut a card stock strip only as long and wide as the fan
  11. glue the fan to the strip with hot glue. trim as needed
  12. add lace, bows and a bead with hot glue

important: use hot glue when gluing tissue to metallic wrap sparingly. use white glue for gluing tissue wrap to tissue wrap

How to Make a Pot of Pinwheel Poinsettias

Pretty pinwheel poinsettias make a great homemade Christmas gift

The poinsettia flower has been used in Christmas decorating for a long time. These poinsettias won’t shed or need special care. They are made of paper using a basic pinwheel cut-an-fold as illustrated. These can be left plain if preferred, but I like to use glitter on mine to add some bling. Try other colors like pink and white. Pinwheel poinsettias can be placed on mantels, table tops or shelves or “planted” in a planter. Coordinate the tissue wrap with the poinsettia colors.

What you need:
  • red and green construction paper
  • red and green tissue wrap
  • three wooden dowels
  • green acrylic paint
  • light green and yellow tissue
  • gold, red and green glitter
  • small plastic planting pot
  • hot glue
How to make:

pinwheel cut-and-fold:

Mark top left corner as 1
Mark bottom right corner as 2
Mark bottom corner of left side as 3
Mark top corner of right side as 4
    1. paint the wooden dowels green
    2. set aside to dry
    3. cut half of a sheet of 9″ x 11″ of red and green paper for each poinsettia
    4. “square off” the paper by folding and cutting as shown(you should have a perfect square that is 5 and 7/8th  inches on each side
    5. Fold in marked corners to the middle and glue to secure
    6. Make a red and green pinwheel for each flower
    7. Attach together with the red pinwheel on top and turned at an angle so the green pinwheel shows
    8. glue wads of light green and yellow tissue in the center
    9. make a “wash” with part white glue to part water
    10. using a paint brush apply the wash to petals and the flower’s center
    11. quickly sprinkle red glitter on red petals and green glitter on green petals
    12. sprinkle gold glitter to the flowers center
    13. If making into a planter, hot glue the poinsettias to the wooden dowel.
    14. Place in planter with floral foam and cover planter with red, pink or white tissue wrap
    15. Add green tissue to cover the floral foam.

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