How To Make A Sustainable Fall Wreath

Sustainable Fall Wreath


Fall is a colorful time of the year. Chrysanthemums, asters, pumpkins and gourds all reflect the beauty of harvest time.

Recently, I was in one of those stores where virtually everything costs a dollar. I was behind two ladies at the cash register who purchased almost $70 worth of plastic and faux silk fall decorating items. Keeping in mind that everything in the store is a dollar, that is quite a lot of stuff!

I couldn’t help but think what a shame it was these ladies hadn’t thought about using all  natural items for their fall decorating. Nature provides a bounty of interesting colors and textures this time of the year. Just take a walk and look around!

Wildflowers and dried grasses or reeds can be used to make really pretty arrangements. Fresh flower markets have a good supply of popular fall flowers. Some green-thumbed folks are blessed with growing these in their gardens up until frost!


Don’t overlook other sustainable items like acorns, pine cones and seed pods. Although they aren’t very colorful, they add lots of texture to give decorations that fall rustic feel.

For this sustainable fall door wreath, I used a traditional grapevine wreath from Michael’s as the base. These can be purchased at a crafts store or made at home. They seem fairly easy to make; however, it does look rather time consuming.

I would love to hear from anyone who has made a grapevine wreath. I do have grape vines to use, and that would be a real money saving idea.

With all the harder work of making the wreath base done for me, the rest was so easy! Larger items like pine cones and the big seed pod can be attached with picks and florist wire. Simply hot glue the acorns and smaller items to fill in. I used acorns, chestnuts, chestnut pods and a few other unidentified seeds and nuts. At the top, I used a magnolia pod. I love the red seeds that pop out of them.

Flowers from the garden or fresh flower market can be put in floral water tubes. Wrap the tubes with florist tape.  It’s OK to use faux silk flowers instead of fresh ones if preferred. They won’t require frequent changing.

But you won’t need $70 worth!

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  1. What a beautiful wreath. Unfortunately, I have no artistic ability, but I agree natural would be better. BTW you might put your comments prompt at the end of your blog instead of at the top. I almost missed it.

    1. Thanks Elaine. I’ll bet you could make one in a jiffy. All it takes is fall flowers, etc. and some a hot glue gun!

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