Preserving Fall Leaves: Fall Leaves For Grandma

Best Way to Preserve Fall Leaves

When I was growing up, we preserved leaves by using waxed paper and a warm iron. Now that there is clear Contac there should be no more sticky irons. The best way to preserve fall leaves is by pressing them between two sheets of  Contac plastic. Use short pieces for easier managing. Place two or three leaves on a sheet sticky side up. Using your fingers, press the leaves firmly into the plastic. Cover with another sheet of Contac sticky side down and press again firmly. 

When Grandma moved to the beach for her golden years, this idea came in handy.  Grandma lives right by the Inter-coastal Waterway with a distant view of the Atlantic. In the fall, she enjoys watching the “snowbirds” go by in their big boats on the way to Florida for the winter months. One thing she really misses though is the variety of foliage and autumn color from further inland.

Autumn Crafts: Grandma’s Leaves

Now Grandma can enjoy fall colors!

Fall Leaf Sun Catchers

Materials needed:

  • preserved leaves
  • mini suction cups
  • hole punch
  • scissors


Grandma’s fall leaf sun catchers are real and will last and last thanks to clear Contac. After preserving leaves, cut around them with scissors. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top of each leaf. Now you can hang the leaf sun catchers and enjoy them on a window or perhaps on the fridge.

Fall leaf sun catchers will be a hit with guests no matter where you live!

Fall leaf sun catcher


Fall Leaf Mobile

Grandma’s fall leaf mobile.

There are dozens of ways to make mobiles. Preserve leaves and use them in any one of the ways. We used the following method and  materials for Grandma’s leaf mobile.

  • preserved leaves
  • wooden dowels of graduating thicknesses
  • fishing line
  • scissors
  • white clear-drying glue
  • hole punch
  • yarn or twine
Preserve leaves and make a mobile with wooden dowels and fishing line.

Tie a length of fishing line of about 18 inches on each end of the thickest wooden dowel. Secure with a drop of clear-drying glue. Add the wooden dowel of medium thickness at the end of the 18 inch lengths of fishing line.

Attach two preserved leaves at each end of the top wooden dowel with about six inches of fishing line.

Add two preserved leaves at each end of the top, thickest wooden dowel.

Add a longer length of fishing line to the middle of the top dowel, about 12 inches. Add a preserved leaf on the end.

Add a preserved leaf to the middle of the top dowel on a longer length of fishing line.

Add a preserved leaf on each end of the middle dowel with about 18 inches of fishing line.

Attach preserved leaves at each end of the middle dowel. Add another in the middle on a longer length of fishing wire.

Attach the third and thinnest dowel a few inches below with fishing line on each side. Now attach the last tier of leaves and your fall leaf mobile is complete!



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