Rustic Centerpieces: An Arrangement That Tells A Story

A Rustic Centerpiece

 The end of summer is a special time. The last few weeks before the official arrival of fall is often the hottest part of the year. 
The soft innocence of early summer turns to a harsher beauty.
Vegetables and other annuals are frantically living out their last days as harvest time draws near. 
I love rustic flower arrangements that tell a story, and the changing of seasons is the perfect time for one. 



Before long, the field in the photo above will look like the one in the photo below. 

My rustic centerpiece is made from wildflowers and meadow grasses, which some people think of as just weeds.


Ikebana is a Japanese form of floral arranging  that tells a story. The flowers used might be ragged or in a state of decay. They are paired with other flora that works with them to give a deeper meaning than Western arrangements do.
 Ikebana  also uses a different structure. Flowers are arranged in a formation of three lines that stand for heaven, man, and earth. 



My rustic arrangement combines the storytelling of Ikebana with a Western world formation.
I begin by pairing budding goldenrod with Queen Anne’s lace, that delicate, lacy wildflower that blooms all summer. It gradually folds its lacy head into a cluster to bid farewell. They will eventually turn into beautiful “brownery.”



I add meadow grasses lined with purple that will soon wither away to brown. Weeds will turn to golden puffs as they prepare to go to seed. 


So, take an early morning or late afternoon walk in late summer and early fall and get inspired by the “weeds” around you. You never know, you might just create a rustic centerpiece worthy of a late summer wedding or other events!
For Free!

Just add a rustic vase.

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