Spooky Trees: How To Make A Halloween Tree

Have you ever noticed how spooky a dead tree looks? A walk through the woods or a country neighborhood will likely let you find at least one dead tree.  For some reason, probably disease or insects, these poor trees kicked the bucket. Maybe, like humans, trees grow old and die. Old dead apple and pear trees are common, their gnarled branches knotted up like an old witch’s extremities.

These spooky looking limbs are the arms of a dead pear tree.

With some imagination, these spooky looking branches could turn into some really cool Halloween decor. Spray paint the branch with black spray paint.Tuck them into vases or incorporate them in Halloween-themed floral arrangements. The twists and curves of the gnarled branches would add interest and dimension to so many different arrangements.

This old dead branch is anchored in a plastic jack-o-lantern with rocks. This is the least expensive and most sustainable way to do this. Covering the opening with floral moss, Spanish moss or even dried leaves will hide the rocks.

Simply twist strands of purple and orange mini-lights among the branches of the old dead tree. The kids can decorate this Halloween tree further with paper cut-outs of bats and ghosts.

Use your imagination and create variations on the Halloween tree!

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