Rustic Centerpieces: Low Or No Cost Spring Flower Arrangements

Thrill, Fill, Spill Flower Arranging

April showers bring May flowers. Enjoy them both indoors and outdoors.  Lilacs, azaleas, wisteria and the branches of flowering shrubs and trees bloom around the same time in mid to late spring. They continue the spring floral show after Narcissus, tulips and other early bulb flowers disappear.Together, they can make stunning low or no cost spring arrangements.Use them for a spring wedding and shower-related events to cut the cost of decorating. An arrangement of spring flowers is perfect for Mother’s Day brunch and lunch tables. The thrill, fill, spill method is usually reserved for creating container gardens, but I find that the general structure works well in flower arranging also.

Make a Low or No Cost Spring Flower Arrangement

To make a spring flower arrangement using the thrill, fill, spill method, you will need: an interesting vase 

  • floral foam
  • floral wire and tape
  • floral stakes ( I used wooden skewers)
  • assorted spring flowers (suggested list below)

For my arrangement, I used an old washstand pitcher from Russia that was slightly broken but repaired. The painted-on pastel flowers made it a great vase for my spring flower arrangement.

Flowers I used for my spring flower arrangement:

    • lilacs
  • pink and white azaleas
  • flowering cherry tree blossoms
  • wisteria
  • young grape vine

Steps for Thrill, Fill, Spill  Flower Arrangement:

First, place some floral foam in the bottom of a vase. Pick one to three flowers as the focal point or the “thrill.’ I used a stem of two lilacs. I anchored the stem to the skewer with floral wire and inserted it, pointed side down into the floral foam. 009 Next, I filled in around the lilacs with pink and white azaleas. I broke the azaleas off of the branches and wired them to the skewers. This gave me more control over the form of the arrangement. 010 Wrapping with floral tape gave  a neat finish. 015 I followed the same procedure with my flowering wild cherry tree blossoms, filling in behind the azaleas to add some height. The azaleas and flowering cherry completed the “fill” of my arrangement. 017 Drooping wisteria and fresh young grape vine made the perfect “spill” for my spring flower arrangement. 020 A spring flower arrangement also makes a welcome site on a veranda, porch or patio.

Where to Find Flowers?

Keeping the thrill, spill, fill flower arranging technique in mind, use your flowering shrubs and trees easily in arrangements by using the skewers as stems method.Check with neighbors, parks and locations around the neighborhood. Some flowers, such as wild dogwood can be found growing wild. Wild grape vines also grow in the wild, and can really add to the”spill”in a dramatic way.Wisteria,also a great spill flower grows on trees on empty lots. Most people don’t mind sharing a few flowers. I got my lilacs and pink azaleas from a neighbor. Our church had practically a grove of flowering cherry trees.Check local florist and fresh flower markets as well.Fresh local flowers are likely to be more inexpensive than roses, etc. After you have reached  your desired effect with the  spring flowers, add just enough water so that the floral foam doesn’t begin to float.

Get Creative

Just remember to keep an eye out for flowers that bloom around the same time. Bulb flowers such as daffodils and tulips will bloom around the same time as the flowering peach trees, Bradford pears and red bud. What can you find for vases and container? Think of Mason jars and other unique containers.  Creativity means using what is on hand. Get creative and make do with what is on hand to help with spring floral arrangement ideas. It promises to be a lot of fun, and both visually and financially rewarding! Just think thrill, spill, fill and look around at the flowers available!

Other Flower Suggestions:

    • pink and white dogwood
  • flowering peach
  • apple blossoms
  • Japonica branches
  • Bradford pear
  • forsythia
  • magnolia blossoms
  • early blooming stage hydrangeas.
  • daffodils
  • tulips
  • red bud

A Stroll Around the Neighborhood For Spring Flowers

Azaleas come in brilliant pinks, corals, and white spring glowers 008  Wisteria is the perfect “spill”. It grows on abandoned lots. 

spring glowers 002

White  dogwood can be found growing in many forests.   spring glowers 005 Pretty pink dogwood is a common site at homes, parks and all around the neighborhood.  spring glowers 001 Flowering peach blossoms arrive before the tree’s leaves do. 100_0022 Tulips and other bulb flowers should still be in.  spring glowers 010 Bradford Pear Blooms Early Along with red bud and daffodils. easter 113 Japonica trees also have early blooms that show before the leaves.  easter 119 Did you get some ideas for making a low or no cost spring flower arrangement? Just remember these four points: 1. A creative  vase 2. Flowers that bloom around the same time 3. The skewer and floral wire trick 4. THRILL, FILL, SPILL!

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