Rustic Flower Arranging: Dried Arrangements For Fall

Fall Dried Arrangements With ‘Brownery’

In the fall, fields and roadsides take on a beautiful rustic look. Tall grasses and weeds, whether native or invasive, begin to lose their green color. Photosynthesis in these plant species also comes to a halt allowing them to change like tree leaves. I call it ‘brownery’, and I love using it in fall arrangements.

Fall wildflowers fade gracefully as they ‘go to seed’.  The goldenrod that peaks in mid-October is especially pretty as it fades from a golden yellow to a light fuzzy white. The fading happens in stages from clump to clump; they don’t all turn puffy white at the same time. This makes them fun to use in different arrangements.

Queen Anne’s Lace, a favorite summer wildflower does the same. Queen Anne can be found with her lacy head still white or turned to a withered delicate brown.

Thanksgiving Table Arrangement

A walk on an early November day can help you to create a beautiful, free and sustainable arrangement. Gather some  brownery and containers. Get your arrangement just right and then spray  it with Krylon  crystal clear gloss. Spritz it several times, allowing each coat to dry before adding another. This will help preserve your creation. Enjoy it for awhile and then use it for the Thanksgiving table.

The brownery may be different where you live, but I hope I can inspire you to make a sustainable fall arrangement for your Thanksgiving dinner table decoration this year.

In the first arrangement, I used goldenrod gone to seed and in its last stage before a brisk autumn wind takes it completely away. Puffy wheat-like weeds and clusters of red berry-topped stalks add texture and color. Notice the fresh Queen Anne’s Lace that I found.  There is not much of it left in November. A gold-colored tin vase adds to this arrangement’s rustic look.


The Last of the Goldenrod and Deep Red Berries

Puffy white goldenrod and fresh white Queen Anne’s Lace.
Close-up of first arrangement

Sunny Golden Puffs

The next sunny arrangement incorporates goldenrod as it turns a deep brownish-gold and then to a light, puffy yellow. It looks like the down on a baby duck.  I added unidentified brownery and gold-colored weeds that resemble little cat o’ nine tails.  A bright yellow vase and a bow of autumn plaid helps to make this a really pretty arrangement.

A sunny look with downy yellow goldenrod.


Sunny yellow puffs and deep gold goldenrod.

Having a June Wedding? Check out this rustic early summer arrangement. 

 Cornucopia of Fresh and Dried Flowers

The horn-of-plenty, or cornucopia is a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving. Make a special one for the table with fresh flowers combined with some natural brownery.  In the last arrangement, fresh market autumn flowers are paired with dried lace cap hydrangeas and yellowed grape vine.

The fresh flowers can last longer in little floral water tubes.

Use your resources and imagination to create a dried arrangement for Fall and then have a great free and sustainable Thanksgiving table decoration.



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  1. These craft projects are absolutely beautiful, Rebecca. I am wondering, my friend, if you have ever sold any of these on eBay, etsy, or other popular online sites? Thank you for sharing. Also, your writing is excellent. I love your blog!

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    1. Thanks for much, H.O. I haven’t considered these, but I have some seashell ornaments that I have considered doing that with. Thanks for stopping by!

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