Tide Pods Container Crafts: Make a Halloween Luminaire

Tide Pods Halloween Craft

I’d been rolling ideas around in my head since spring about saving and reusing those Tide Pods Containers for Halloween crafts.  They are so obviously pumpkin-shaped,  and with an orange top,  how I could resist.

But then I read warnings against using them as candy containers.  Tide Pods already had a bad rap about kids thinking they were candy. I had to do something, so I came up with this cute luminaire.

This is how to make one:

You will need:

  • Tide Pods or another similar detergent container
  • Black, yellow,  or orange tissue paper
  • Stiff white paper.
  • White crayon or chalk (for tracing on black tissue
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife
  • Glue that dries clear
  • Solar light or battery operated candle
  • Yellow paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange watercolor and brush
  • Black Sharpie

1.  Remove the peel by soaking the container in water (fill the container, too, or it will just bobble). Finish it off with Goof Off.

2. Air dry and then paint it with a wash of thinned watercolor to give it an opaque orange look.

3. Decide on a design.  You can do something simple like bats or a jack-o-lantern. I wanted to do a haunted house with a spooky tree, big moon, and spooky eyes peeping out the door.

4. Cutting shapes from tissue paper lets the light shine through. Make a pattern on stiff white paper. Cut out and trace onto the tissue.  Use an  X-acto knife to cut out windows.

5. Glue on shapes. Use glue that dries clear, and use it sparingly.  Use the black Sharpie to draw the window frames.

6. Glue on eye shapes from yellow paper and add googly eyes.

7.  Add lighting inside. You can use glow sticks, a solar light, or battery-operated tea lights.

Use your Tide Pods Halloween luminaire on the mantel, a patio table, or anywhere!


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