Wild Flowers In Arrangements: Wild Daisy Flower

As Fresh as a Daisy

Have you often heard the expression ” as fresh as a daisy?” I know I have. Now I see why. I have found that the wild daisies that grace the meadows and untreated lawns sprout quickly after a spring rain. New ones continue to pop open from late spring to well into August in many climates. 

Is the Wild Daisy a Weed, Herb or Flower?

Like other flowering plants, there are literally hundreds of different species of wild daisies. All of them are very hardy, as wildflowers go. They prefer a sunny meadow or pasture yet will endure abandoned croplands or roadsides with partial shade. 

Many consider the wild daisy or ox-eye to be a pesky weed. They go to great lengths to keep their pristine lawns free of them.  It’s all a matter of perspective. But did you know that like dandelions and false dandies all parts from root to petal are edible? And they are good for you! But if the land where you get your daisies has been treated with insecticides or herbicides do not eat them!

Using Wild Daisies in Flower Arrangements

Wild daisies can be very lovely in flower arrangements. They can even be pretty enough to be used for DIY wedding flowers. They can also be used in wedding bouquets and bridal headpieces. I know, because that it what I did!

My Dad and Me On My Wedding Day

It was the year 1975. Jenny Gump later copied me when she married Forrest with bare feet and flowers in her hair.

My Dad and me on my wedding day.


How to use the Wild Daisy Flower in Arrangements

The wild daisy flower can be used to make impressive floral arrangements for weddings, showers or just plain summer entertaining. There are only two rules to remember. One, get lots of them and two, pick the right container.

Wild daises can look fantastic scattered out throughout other floral arrangements. However, if you are only going to use daisies, use them prolifically. A few wild daises alone will look sad and forlorn. The more the merrier!

The right container is a must. Just as shoes and handbags go with certain outfits, so do wild daises go with containers. A delicate hand-painted urn will not go with a bunch of wild daisies. Look for more rustic containers, even an old watering can or Mason jar.

Wild Daisies in Rustic Containers

Wild Daisies Go Great in a Galvanized Vase
Wild Daisies Go Great in a Galvanized Vase

For the above arrangement, I gathered LOTS of wild daisy flowers which was NOT a problem. First I chose a vase. This galvanized vase reminded me of those big buckets.  I cut the daisies into varying lengths and literally stuffed my galvanized vase to full capacity. I placed the longer ones in the middle and secured them with floral tape. Then I filled in the vase with daisy flowers from shortest to tallest.


A Mason jar vase for wild daisies
A Mason jar vase for wild daisies

It is hard to beat a Mason jar for a casual and informal, yet very pretty container for wild daisies. These daisies were cut to be the same general length for uniformity.  Add a pretty bow in country plaid colors and you will have a lovely, inexpensive table decorations for spring and summer events.

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