Stocking Stuffers For Pets: Best Stocking Stuffers For Dogs And Cats

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Dogs and Cats

Do you include your pets in gift giving at Christmas? I know many who do. After all, our pets give us the gifts of joy and better health every day. Research shows that pets can lower blood pressure, ease depression and boost our immune systems. Current studies are indicating a link between fewer allergies and asthma in children who grow up in homes with pets.

Pets give companionship to the lonely and help teach our children responsibility. If you have a dog that begs to be walked they are doing you a favor and possibly adding years to your life. So hang a stocking for Fido and Fluffy this year and fill it with some homemade pet treats and a toy or two!

How to Have Better Behaved Pets

Just like children, dogs and cats can become bored when they are lonely or have nothing to do. Having toys can help curb destructive behavior, especially when you have to leave them alone. Good pet parents have a stash of a few good toys and rotate them so that their babies don’t become bored. Here are some ideas for dog and cat toys. Highly recommended, they have been tested for quality and safety.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Dogs

Squeaky Toys That Don’t Break

Dogs love toys that squeak; they probably appeal to their instinct of catching prey. Unfortunately, they also love to destroy the squeaky toys. Not with the Kyjen Invincible Squeaking Snake. This toy has six squeakers that keep on squeaking no matter how many times they are punctured! Fido can keep playing with this great toy and not become bored with it because it doesn’t squeak anymore. And you don’t have to worry about chewed off small pieces presenting a choking hazard.

Dog Toys That Dispense Treats

The Premier Tug A Jug toy will keep Fido entertained while you are busy or away. Fill the roomy jug with some tasty treats. As he tugs on the rope, the treats are dispensed a few at a time. It provides great mental stimulation. It is a great, safe way to help keep boredom away.

Dog Toys for Big Chewers

If you have a large dog that really loves to chew, check out the Goughnuts donut shaped toys. The green ones are strong and the black ones are stronger with carbon mixed in the formula for creating them. The neat thing about Goughnuts is that if your dog chews down to an unsafe level a red indicator appears and the company will replace it for free! No worries at all about Fido chewing off pieces to swallow.

Toys to Raise Your Dog’s IQ

Dogs are so smart! They can be even smarter with interactive toys. Raise your dog’s IQ with Canine Genius toys. They are configuration puzzles that are chewable and durable. Connect the puzzles together in different ways to challenge Fido to get to the hidden treats.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Cats


Mouse Toys for Cats

Cats are instinctively stalkers and hunters. Let Fluffy practice her hunting skills with the Undercover Mouse toy.You can set the mouse to run at the speed desired. Then place it under the mat provided and the mouse darts about for your cat to chase. This toy is sure to amuse you as well as your cat! 

Quiet Night Toy for Cats

Cats are often more active at night. The Whisper Track cat toy will help you sleep uninterrupted by a noisy cat. The “twinkle” bell flashes when Fluffy bats the ball but makes no noise. It is available at

Toys for Cats that Chew

The Cat Play Chew & Bouncy Sneaky Spider toy is designed for the cat that likes to chew. A Nylabone product, it  helps keep Fluffy’s teeth clean by removing food particles. Tooth and gum health is important for both dogs and cats. Cats love this toy because it satisfies their stalking and pouncing instinct. Cat parents like it because it encourages independent play.

Have Healthier and Happier Pets

Let keeping your pets healthier and happier be one of your New Year’s resolutions this year, and chances are you will be rewarded with health and happiness as well. You will have a good start if you get Fluffy and Fido new toys for Christmas. And if you have no pets, consider visiting your local animal shelter for Christmas this year to find your soul pet.

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