Faded Rose: A Poem

Robert Lee Brewer’s poetry blog, The Poetic Asides, held a contest back in 2011  for the creation of a new poetic form. The winning participant, Susan Budig, introduced anapeat. It is based on Anaphora, classified in John Drury’s Poetic Dictionary as a “rhetorical device in which several successive lines, phrases, clauses, or sentences begin with the same word or phrase.” My poem, Faded Roses, follows the anapeat pattern


Faded Rose

Her Beauty fades before never dying

For in her Youth, she was a bud

A bud that swelled with Grace.

Warmth fed her Soul

Sunshine brought her Joy.

Blossoming in Summer’s sweetness

Her Beauty fades before never dying.

Velvet cheeks kissed with dew

Begging to be plucked

Lying in innocent pinkness.

Armed with thorns of Courage

Pricking and bleeding souls

Her beauty fades before never dying.

Still soothing the spirit

With silken promises.

Feeling September’s restful chill

Life’s Autumn drawing nigh

Giving in to more vibrant color

Her Beauty fades before never dying

To turn a deeper hue.

Frost worn leaves etched with time

Petals drifting in the wind

The Promise of new Life to come

Warmth from a New Day’s sun

Her Beauty fades before never dying.


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