Make an Ivory Soap Snowman For Good Clean Fun

A snowman sculpted from Ivory soap is a great project for kids of any age. It is a unique project for a cold winter’s day when kids may be home from school on a “snow day”. Teachers could use it as an idea for group work in a cooperative learning format. Whatever the setting, it is sure to provide some “good clean fun.” Here’s how:

Assemble these materials:

  • 3-4  bars of Ivory soap
  • mixing bowl
  • a little water
  • a handful of dry black beans
  • strip of  felt

  • black construction paper (for a hat)
  • cheese grater
  • a baby carrot (for a nose)
  • pipe cleaners and pom poms


Grate the soap bars shredding them just like cheese.


Add a little water, no more than an eighth of a cup.


Form into large, medium, and small balls.


Add the end of a baby carrot and black beans for features. 


Brown pipe stems make good arms. Or use Popsicle sticks, even real twigs. 


Earmuffs can be made by hot glueing pom poms to pipe stems. We had some left over from Christmas crafts.


Make a stovepipe hat with black paper. Scarfs can be crafted from felt or ribbons. Make your soap snowman unique!